23.07-24.07 VIII Medieval Festival "Nash Grunvald"
Riding on horses
Events calendar
23-24.07.2016 23-24 July Nash Grunvald (Knights’ Festival)
18-19 June 18-19 June Kupalle
23-24 July Nash Grunvald (Knights’ Festival)
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About Dudutki

Dudutki in spring Dudutki in summer Dudutki in autumn

Welcome to the museum complex of Dudutki dedicated to ancient folk crafts and technologies! Ahead you will have an exciting trip into the world of the age-old manners and occupations as well as the tasting of distinctive Belarusian dishes and horse-riding.
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The museum of Dudutki is located 40 km far from Minsk, in Pukhovichi district, in a picturesque place near the Ptich River, a kilometer and a half far from the village of Dudichi.

This village was first mentioned in chronicles in the 11th c. According to the texts of The Tale of Igor’s Campaign and the opinion of some researches, a legendary Polotsk prince Vseslav the Sorcerer wended his way to Polotsk using the road that supposedly passed through these places in the past…

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Museum guide

2Miller's house for guests
3Orthodox Church
4Booking Office
6Museum café
7Cheese Factory
8Poultry Yard
10Shynok Pub
11Summer Café
12Wood-Making Shop
13Children’s Playground
14Pottery Workshop
15Straw Weaving Workshop
16Weaving workshop
17Vintage Cars
18Beekeeper’s House
20Blacksmith Shop
21Ethnographic Gallery
25Museum Lawn
26Felting Workshop
27Willow Weaving Workshop
28Weaving Workshop
29Leather Workshop
30Pottery Workshop
31Shopping Stalls
32Ptich Hotel
34Guests’ House with Russian Sauna
Caravan Park/RV Park
To get information needed and any information or to book an excursion, contact us from 10.00 till 17.00 on
+ 375 17 133-07-47
+ 375 29 602-52-50
+ 375 17 132-11-77
+ 375 29 603-52-50
Download Particulars info@dudutki.by
Come to us
since Tuesday till Sunday
Monday is a day off
Tue-Wen: 1000 - 1600 (enter till 1600)
Thu-Sun: 1000 - 1700 (enter till 1700)
Dogs are not allowed