Tavern is a traditional place for rest and gatherings, where people could drink some good beer and talk news and issues over. First mention of tavern on the territory of Belarus dates back to 1412. They appeared on the central squares and main town streets, farms, trade routes, river crossings and mills.

If you want to feel the flavor of olden Belarus, let us invite you to “Tavern” of our museum complex. “Tavern” is situated at a 2-minute-away distance in a picturesque place at the bank of the river Ptich.

Interior design of typical Belarusian style, simple and soulful, takes you to the warm home atmosphere. The cuisine will please all food-lovers. Small company can comfortably sit at “Korchma” hall for 15 people. Second floor can take 30 people. There are also halls for 40 and 45 people. You can also dine outside in open air cafe for 20-40 people.

You can order on the spot or before the tour around museum. The menu is available at museum reception. The range of dishes will impress Belarusian cuisine lovers. Taste delicious potato pancakes with sour cream, home made sausages, Belarusian pancakes with special gravy. Take some pancakes with caviar, sour cream or honey for desert.

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