Currently there are known more than 250 breeds of horses. Every noble estate used to have its own stables. There are several breeds of horses in our stables.

It is believed that horses originate from North America, where a small dog-sized animal existed 50 million years ago. During the Ice Age, the horse spread into Europe, Asia and Africa.

Belarusian Friesian is a breed bred and developed in Belarus in the late 19th c. by a complex cross breeding whose basis was horses of the local type. It has harmonious broad body and strong hooves. The horse is well suited to hard work in conditions of high humidity and wooded terrain. Nowadays the breed accounts for almost 90% of horses in our country.

Trakehnen is a warm-blood breed developed in the 18th c. in the German city of Trakehnen by breeding local horses with thoroughbred, Turk, Arab and some others breeds. Originally, the Trakehnen was used in the cavalry, however, nowadays it is recognized as a universal sport horse, equally good at dressage, show jumping, and eventing.

In the early 20th c. due to the increasing popularity of trotting races and sweepstakes, American trotters started to be imported to Russia. They were friskier than Orlov Friesians, but smaller and more elegant. At the end of the running career, these horses were brought to stud farms where they were bred with Orlov Friesians. In 1949, that group of horses was registered as a new breed. Russian trotters are quite large, with lean, strong boby and combine the best qualities of both Orlov and American breeds. The most common paints are bay, chestnut, black, and rarely gray. Trotters that do not show high agility at the racetrack can be successfully retrained as riding horses of the hobby category.

Ponies are small horses, bred on the islands (Britain, Iceland, and Scandinavia). To date, there are more than 20 breeds of ponies. They  are hardy and hard-working horses with a gentle character, which makes them especially suitable for kids learning to ride.

Our pony is named Kuzya.

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