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Glimpses of History of Cheese-Making

There are no any precise data leftin manuscripts when and where the first cheese was made. Most of the researchesbelieve that the history of cheese making extends back over 7000 years. Itsbirthplace is the Middle East where nomads used leather bottles made from ovinestomachs to bear milk. Shaking, high outside temperature and enzymes turned itinto cheese.

However, in Europe cheese has also been known since ancient times. The text of Homer’s Odyssey contains the description how the giant Polyphemus made it from goat’s and ewe’s milk.

The golden age of cheese making era took place in the Middle Ages when this product attracted the attention of Italian monks. It is they who deserve credit for the modern cheese diversity because it is they came up with the idea to pickle, smoke, spice cheese as well as to add the noble mould to it. In the 14th c. the Dutch pioneered the production of huge hard cheese wheels.

The oldest cheese recipe is more than 2000 years old and it belongs to the Persians. It states that cheese should be made from “either ewe’s or bovine milk dried in the sun and spiced”.

There are more than 2000 kinds of cheese known today.

Cheese-Making in Belarus

There are data that even as far back as pre-Christian times pagan Slavs made sacrifice of cheese to their deities. It is also known that in the 10-13th cc. Slavs paid tribute to the Teutons with cheese. Moreover, the word ‘сыр’ (Russian for cheese) itselfis of a purely Slavic origin. It was derived from the word ‘сырой’ meaning raw, natural. The thing is that earlier milk was not heated to make it clot but it coagulated naturally.

The cheese making with the use of classic West European recipes was launched in Belarus in the 19th c. Thus, in the 1820s cheese maker Kublie was invited from Switzerland to Belarus to work in the noble estate of Count Rumyantsev. He could make heads of Swiss cheese that were up to 8 kg. And, in the estate Vishnevo of landlady Brokhotskaya (Ashmyany county) cheese was manufactured according to the local original recipe. It was as good as the Swiss one and was called Brokhotskij. In the estate of Philipovichi of Slutsk county the Edam cheese was made. The cheese factory of landowner Kantorovich in Kobryn county was famous for its Dutch cheese that was exported to Warsaw. By the end of the 19th c. there were no less than 200 cheese and butter making factories in Belarus.

In the village of Dudichi of Igumen district in the estate of Elskis there was also a butter factory. There exist the noted memories of local old residents that remembered how butter and cheese were made in these lands.

Dudutki cheese

Add some cottage cheese to hot boiling milk, seethe it and sift. Add some salt, soda, butter and an egg. Put the mixture got in a mold and cool it down. As a result, you will have tasty soft lactic cheese with up to 40% of fats, 58% of moisture content and 1-2% of salt. To make Dudutki cheese tastier and more remarkable our cheese makers add some greens (dill and parsley) and spices (caraway seeds) to it.

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