Riding on horses

Finally we did it! Now horse enthusiasts can find in Dudutki what they have been looking for for so long!

The museum complex of Dudutki is happy to offer horse enthusiasts riding through museum vicinities*. The route passes through the woods and brings riders to a picturesque bank of the Ptich River where they will be able to see the place where stood the watermill of the Elskis. Going further, tourists will go upstream to the windmill that dates to the beginning of the 20th c. This windmill is a main museum symbol. Riders will be able to take beautiful pictures with it in the background.

People has a long history of dealing with horses and no wonder that they are considered to be the kindest and least aggressive animals. You will get unforgettable experience from riding and admiring the beauty of the Belarusian nature.

*For 18-year-olds only

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