Felting Workshop

Felting is a special needlework technique that is used so as to create a pattern either on a piece of fabric or felt, bulk toys, panel pictures, ornamentation, wearables or accessories from wool.

Only natural wool has the property to full which was found out about 8000 years ago. Initially for the purposes of felting people used remains of the animal hair. There can be distinguished two types of felting – wet felting and needle felting. Wet felting is carried out with the help of soap or another special solution. First a woolen is laid out. Then it is wetted with soapy solution and through rubbing the process of fulling is performed. Wet felting is suitable for manufacturing of panel pictures, garments and felted fabric. Involved into needle felting man repeatedly pierces wool with a special needle until it is finally get fulled. In the course of such felting wool fibers are coupled between one another creating a dense and homogeneous material. Needle felting is applied to make bulk articles, i.e. toys, bijouterie, figurines, original dolls, as well as to put a design pattern on felt or handmade articles milled beforehand.

Handmade felted goods differ from those made with machinery in their softness.

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